Barren Earth

The Finnish music scene has been a fertile breeding ground and true home for metal over the past decades and with the worldwide signing of BARREN EARTH, Century Media Records have not only added a stunning act to their roster, but also welcome a communion of artists standing for a profound, long-lasting sound that has become a creative and inspiring force in the progressive melodic death metal genre.

The sextet was formed in 2007 by Olli-Pekka Laine and Marko Tarvonen fusing the darkness of death metal with elements inspired by 70’s prog and folk. They created a band that not only brought in the prog influence, but unites all facets of the various acts they are associated with. Featuring, original members of Amorphis, Moonsorrow, Hamferð and Kreator, they have developed a captivating and dramatic trademark sound over the course of a debut EP (“Our Twilight”, 2009) and two much-lauded albums: “Curse Of The Red River” (2010) and “The Devil’s Resolve” (2012). “On Lonely Towers” (2015) further expands their melodic, progressive death metal, taking all their stylistic nuances to new extremes.

The forth record “A Complex Of Cages” (2018) has gained positive accolade by the reviewers, hailing it the best Barren Earth album so far.


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