Bloodred Hourglass

Bloodred Hourglass, also known as BRHG, is a metal band from Mikkeli, Finland. The history of the project roots back to 2005, when the first self-made demo was scratched together. The first full length studio album ‘Lifebound’ was released in 2012 and three years later it was time for the second one: “Where the Oceans Burn” was out in October 2015. In January 2017 BRHG finished the recordings of their next album titled “Heal”, which was released later that year. The latest album “Godsend” was released 2019.

Bloodred Hourglass combines elements and influences from various different musical genres, main focus obviously being on metal. Fast drum patterns, thrashy riffage among big guitar walls, a lot of melodic atmosphere due to keyboards together with growling and screaming aggressive vocals are the main architects behind the sound of this five man band. Despite the variety of influences and different type of elements you can hear in our material, we feel our music is closest to be described as melodic death metal. Lyrical themes are focused on individuals experience of everyday life, as well as aspects of environmental issues.


Iiro Laitinen

tel: +358 (0)45 259 3030
e-mail: iiro(at)