Doom Unit

Doom Unit is a finnish rock band whose career kicked off in 2009 with a radio’s Starba-competition, where the band snatched a golden place with their ’Killing Time’ single, the song originally composed for a finnish-american horror movie.

The debut album ‘Cross the line’ rose straight to Finland’s official album listing’s 2nd place. After busy touring, it was time to focus on the second album ‘The Burden of Bloom’ that sky rocketed to the official top 20 album chart immediately. Doom Unit finished their third album “III” in 2013 and during this album, AH Haapasalo from Happoradio worked as their bass player, on record as well as the live shows. In 2014, this role was taken by Kari Luonsinen.

After a couple of years of living in silence, the band returned to stages with their 2017 hit ‘Light Me Up’.



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