Evergrey (SWE)

Progressive metal from Gothenburg, Sweden, Evergrey was founded in 1995 and released their debut album “The Dark Discovery” in 1998, having released 12 studio albums since then, the last album “The Atlantic” seeing daylight in 2019.

The band is known for their dark lyrics and the later albums have been concept albums, dealing with subject such as alien abduction,  paranoia and cults. The ideas within these albums are viewed from multiple points of view and sometimes some of the themes have acted as a catalyst for the next album. Evergey has toured heavily in many European festivals, some of these being Sweden Rock Festival, Download Festival, Arvika Festival, Masters of Rock, Storsjöyran and Sziget Festival. The band has also toured the US with In Flames and Nevermore. In 2006, they headlined the Prog Power VII in Atlanta, Georgia.


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