Lacuna Coil (ITA)

Lacuna Coil is a well-known gothic metal band from Milan, Italy. Formed in 1994, previously known with names Sleep Of Right and Ethereal and finally settling on Lacuna Coil (meaning: empty spiral), the band was built through inspiration of the gothic scene; its music and imagery. Throughout the years, the band’s sound has settled on a more heavier tone.

The band has toured actively in Europe and with the release of their break-through album “Comalies” in 2002, the band also rose to fame in the United States, their first US tour kicking off in 2003. A year later, “Comalies” had become the best-selling CD in Century Media’s history. Lacuna Coil has also toured with bands like Rob Zombie and In Flames and performed at the main stage of Ozzfest 2006 alongside System Of A Down, Ozzy Osbourne and Hatebreed, becoming the first female-fronted band to headline the festival.

On October 11, 2019 the band released the album Black Anima, containing the singles “Layers of Time”, “Reckless” and “Save Me”.


Andrea Ferro –  Vocals

Marco Coti Zelati – Bass, keyboards, guitars 

Cristina Scabbia –  Female vocals 

Ryan Blake Folden –  Drums

Diego “Didi” Cavalotti –  Guitar


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