Merta is a fresh alternative metal band combining a heavy and modern metal sound with pop melodies and emotional songwriting, all in Finnish language. The shameless pop patterns bring a fresh counterbalance to the otherwise heavy sound, so the band’s fan base is wide and free of genre limitations.

In addition to great media distribution and radio attention, the band was nominated in the “Newcomer of the Year” category at the 2020 Indie Awards gala.
Led by Juhis Kauppinen they signed a record deal with Playground Music already after their first single and released their debut album “Kokonainen” in March 2020. With that, the band got on several Spotify lists, including Finland’s 50 most viral -list. Merta’s second album “Minä” was released in November 2021 and reached a new high for the band. The group has since attracted attention with active gigs with bands like Kotiteollisuus, Uniklubi, Peer Günt, Cyan Kicks and Ursus Factory. The band has also performed In numerous festivals, such as Nummirock and Qstock.
The future of Finnish rock and metal has been found.
Aki Juvonen
Agent / Promoter
+358 (0)400 345 399

Upcoming Tours

Olympia, Tampere
Kannusali, Espoo