”We are Oceanhoarse from Helsinki, Finland and we play heavy fucking metal.”

Oceanhoarse might be a newcomer in the field of heavy metal, but boy have they been coming fast – and loud. Having been around for only little more than a year, the Helsinki-based band with Ben Varon (ex-Amoral) on the guitar, Jyri Helko (Warmen, ex-For The Imperium) on the bass, Oskari Niemi on the drums and Joonas Kosonen on the vocals have already been touring widely in Finland as the opening act for names such as Beast In Black, Ensiferum and Freak Kitchen, performing in big summer festivals and playing their first gigs abroad in Tokyo, Japan, to enthusiastic fans, who appreciate not only the hard-hitting music but also the band’s unique visual look – which includes a band mascot, created by cartoonist Dean Clayton – and the authentic approach.

Indeed, the heavy metal group makes a statement against computerized metal music where it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not – with this band, praised for their wild energy on stage, what you see is what you get, with no backing tracks; a rarity in the heavy music field these days.

Featured also on the soundtrack of the massively popular video game Wreckfest, Oceanhoarse’s singles have streamed already close to two million times only in Spotify.

The band released their first EP Voluntary Bends in November 2019 and the guys hosted their instantly successful own festival Hoarsefest in Helsinki in December 2019. The year 2020 started heavy with Oceanhoarse taking over continental Europe as the band supported the legendary Nightwish singer-bassist Marko Hietala on his European tour. The band released The Damage Is Done – LIVE! album from that tour on June 2020. Oceanhoarse’s debut studio album Dead Reckoning was released in 2021.


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