After two years of working in the shadows, Helsinki-based heavy metal band Oceanhoarse was ready to show itself with their debut single “The Oceanhoarse”. The band, which consists of familiar faces from the Finnish metal scene, released it’s debut single and video in January 2018, the first live shows following in February, supporting Beast in Black.

It was a conscious decision to hold up the launch until the band was extremely tight, the song material strong enough, and the band’s own unique voice beginning to take shape. Good songs were canned along the way, if the group felt they didn’t fit or weren’t original enough.

Early on, Oceanhoarse also set some ground rules for themselves: There would be zero use of backing tracks or synthesizers. The focus would be on kickass, live-oriented heavy metal. The band would also have to be number one priority to all of it’s members, no exceptions.

The latest album ‘Voluntary Bends’ was released in 2019.


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