Prata Vetra (LVA)

The story of BrainStorm / Prata Vetra is a story of best friends, who grew up together, went to the same school, shared the same dreams and together fulfilled them.

After BrainStorm conquered the hearts of music lovers in native Latvia and became a household name, the band took a chance of reaching the audiences beyond the borders of their motherland.

First internationally released album “Among The Suns” with its catchy single ‘My Star” in 2000 proved the ambitions were satisfied. Album got released in Europe and particularly Belgians, Scandinavians and Baltic people embraced BrainStorm’s piece of work. “My Star“ for 16 weeks remained on Belgian national airplay charts. Band toured with own sold out shows and played festivals across Europe. “Among The Suns“ found its way into hands of REM’s Michael Stipe who gave his judgment by saying: “For me the main thing about music is whether or not there is a songwriting, and I felt the songwriting is really strong.” BrainStorm also captured the attention from legendary Bob Dylan who saw them on Swedish TV and praised their performance.

Inspired by such a welcoming reception BrainStorm recorded album “Online“ that got released the following year. Ethereally dreamy single “Maybe“ brought BrainStorm to other part of the Europe. Radios in Eastern Europe and especially in Poland couldn’t get enough of the song. Single went to radios in August 2001 and for the last quarter of the year in was without a doubt number one on Poland’s National airplay chart leaving Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head“ a runner up. Identically no other song had a chance to reach number one in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – “Maybe“ was the one. That year BrainStorm had an opportunity to play a support slot for their own childhood heroes “Depeche Mode“ in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia while supporting The Cranberries brought them to Germany, Italy, Belgium and Czech Republic.

For recording of the sequent album “A Day Before Tomorrow“ BrainStorm choused to work with two producers – German’s Echo award winner producer Alex Silva who brought more of a rocky sound in and Steve Lyon. Well-known photographer Anton Corbijn stepped in to create the artwork and pictures. He got involved since music of BrainStorm captured his heart. “I think the songs have freshness, innocence and strength. There is this beautiful thing that great bands have something… Identity and I think BrainStorm has that,“ A.Corbijn explained. The most significant show BrainStorm did during promoting the album was supporting incredible The Rolling Stones in Prague, Czech Republic. The show happened to take place in a day when Mick Jagger celebrated his 60th birthday and BrainStorm guys gave him a saxophone as a present. Meanwhile in their native Latvia BrainStorm reached new highs and records. Their gala show of album support tour in Riga, Skonto Stadium was seen by 25 000 people and broke the record of the attendance of this stadium that previously belonged to „Depeche Mode.“

BrainStorm once again teamed up with producer Alex Silva who this time worked on the whole album. The title of the recording “Four Shores“ emphasized the sore place BrainStorm guys found themselves after loosing their bass player Gundars Mausevics a.k.a Mumins. The touch of Mumins life can be heard through the songs since the band started writing them before the tragedy. BrainStorm continued to work on the photos and artwork with A.Corbijn who has became a good friend and advisor. In between the recordings BrainStorm jumped into a tour bus and traveled ten European cities to support R.E.M.

In Latvia in support of the album “Four Shores“  was taken to the next level and final show in Riga took place in the biggest outdoor venue “Mezaparks“ selling 40 000 tickets. In 2006 first ever Best Baltic Act nominee was introduced on annual MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony and the decision of MTV viewers were unambiguous – the trophy belongs to BrainStorm. In 2009 the band released an album in Russian and Latvian and later in 2010, made an English version of it called “Years and Seconds”. The latest album “About the boy who plays the tin drum”/”Wonderful Day” was released in 2018, followed by festival line ups and a Wonderful Day tour.


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