Saruru is a rebel pop duo formed by two multi-instrumentalist bunnies Salla-Maija Hätinen (konserttikannel, kannel, lead vocals) & Marianne Heikkinen (drums & percussions, guitar synths, pad, vocals). This wicked group combines pop-hooks and sugary bubblegum aesthetics to heavy riffs made with too many fuzz pedals. Saruru is inspired by Japanese yami kawaii-culture that combines cute and creepy, and is on a mission to show the world what girls are made of!
Hätinen and Heikkinen write all Saruru's hyperpop music together, pouring in their mutual love for ever-green, iconic pop music, meaningful lyrics and moden metal with a twist. One can also hear sprinkles of J & K-pop, but the distinct sound of Hätinen's kantele is, what makes the duo extraordinary.
Aki Juvonen
Agent / Promoter
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