SARURU is a bunnymetal duo formed by Salla-Marja Hätinen (vocals, konserttikantele, kantele) & Marianne Heikkinen (drums, guitars, keys, backing vocals). SARURU’s music combines pop hooks to metal riffs, played with traditional Finnish harp-like instrument, kantele, that’s amplified with bass and guitar processor pedals.

SARURU got started when the pandemic helped both musicians to clear their calendars from gigs, and to create something absolutely mad. Which was playing popmetal, with kantele, as a duo, with bunny ears. In 2021, Hätinen found multi-instrumentalist Heikkinen through Instagram, and since that, this powerhouse of two has been unstoppable. The band released their first official single ’GIRLS’ in spring 2023. Before that, they have made multiple indie releases, and several gigs. For example Saarihelvetti metal festival, and warming up for the legendary Finnish band Turmion Kätilöt.

The duo writes their songs together, drawing from their mutual love to iconic pop music, meaningful lyrics and modern metal. What makes their music special, is the distinctive sound of kantele, the range of Hätinen’s vocals from soft singing to grunting, and Heikkinen’s multi-instrumentalist take on both composing and live.

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