Stone Blue Electric

Late in 2016, long time friends Sami Osala ( Sunrise Avenue ) and Patrik Eriksson ( Ile Kallio Big Rock Band ) got together in Sami’s garage to make some music. Before they knew it, they had a whole bunch of songs, riffs, bits and pieces that they both felt really good about.

After the first couple of demos were recorded they recruited their friend Jussi Turunen ( Hector ) as a lead guitar player, and Jaakko Jakku ( Turisas ) as a bass player. Before they got this Helsinki-based new rock band started ,they had been playing together for over a decade in bars performing rock covers.

The idea of forming a band playing their original music has been in their minds for many years. In 2016 They finally formed this 70’s rock music influenced power quarted.

Stone Blue Electric’s driving rock music is the way to relax, party, cry, laugh or shout aloud! And that’s what this band is all about, having fun and giving 110% on stage which they have proved to the audience already with their first tour in Germany during September 2018.

Stone Blue Electric’s debut album -Speaking Volumes- was released on the 1st of February 2019.


Carolin Büttner
Promoter / Agent 

e-mail: carolin(at)