Lost In Music festival lineup and schedule complete

We are proud to announce that the full lineup and schedule for Lost In Music 2018 is now complete! Over 80 live artists/bands, 7 standup performances and 9 venues in 4 days.

New releases: ATLAS, Donna and The Dynamites, Ghost World, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, Huuto!, Lac Belot, Lepokan Akka & Kulkutauti, Mansesteri, Niila (acoustic), Pastis, Rony Rex, The Northquakes, Tontario, Valhe, Vili Mustalampi, Vuoret, Ylva Harju

Lost in Music 2018 3.-6.10.2018 at Tampere