Machinae Supremacy (SWE) back in May!

Modern heavy metal, power metal and alternative rock blended with chiptunes band, Machinae Supremacy (SWE) will finally come back to Finland for a tour in May! The band has been enjoying a fair bit of success in Finland and they will now do their biggest tour yet. The Swedes will be joined by One Morning Left in Tampere, Joensuu and Helsinki while Blind Channel will also join the bill in Helsinki. The Helsinki show is for all ages.

Machinae Supremacy
Wed 24.5.2017 Kuopio, Henry’s Pub
Thu 25.5.2017 Tampere, Klubi
Fri 26.5.2017 Joensuu, Kerubi
Sat 27.5.2017 Helsinki, Nosturi

Tickets come on sale Friday at 9am.