MEDEM Fest to shake Tampere on 12.01.2018

MEDEM Fest is a small event with a big heart, dedicated to showcasing the finest Finnish ‘small-scale’ metal bands that are packed with potential.  The event is headlined by Magenta Harvest, who will get support from My Favourite Nemesis and Torchia. This night will leave no one cold!

The headliner, Magenta Harvest creates melodic death metal with their own twist. The group consisting of experienced musicians (known from …And Oceans, MyGrain & Finntroll among others) released their second full-lenght album ”…And Then Came The Dust” in September 2017. Especially foreign critics took a liking to the album, which is why it’s about time to let Tampere enjoy the upgraded sound of Magenta Harvest.

My Favourite Nemesis hails from Porvoo. Their debut EP  saw light in the first half of 2017 — the hungry youngsters have been on a roll ever since!

MEDEM Fest’s opener, Torchia, represents local talent. This ambitious quintet relies on more traditional death metal and combined with their massive energy levels, Torchia are sure to win over even the tougher “rock polices”.

Tickets are on sale now for 8€ +  handling fee.