Valtteri Festival news!

Busdriver (USA), Random Hand (UK) and Scandinavian Music Group have been confirmed to play Valtteri Festival over 20. – 21.6.2014! 

Busdriver, possessing a hyper-literate, intellectual style of rapping augmented with dizzying elocution that would tongue-tie even the fiercest auctioneer, Busdriver is eclectic and eccentric enough to cite vocalese jazz singer Jon Hendricks as a primary influence. Born Regan Farquhar, the Los Angeles MC was introduced to hip-hop culture early — his father wrote the screenplay to one of the earliest films focusing on hip-hop, Krush Groove. He began rapping at age nine, releasing his first record at age 13 with his group, 4/29, named after the 1992 L.A. riots. By the mid-’90s, Busdriver was a regular at the Project Blowed open mic, where he would meet future collaborators and underground luminaries like Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and Freestyle Fellowship.  Busdriver last petformed in Finland in September 2012.

Random Hand, a British ska band, formed in Keighley, UK will be performing in Finland for the first time at Valtteri Festival. Their sound fuses influences from many genres, including ska, reggae, punk rock, metal, hip hop and dub. The band is typically associated with the punk subculture, due to its ethics and lyrical content. Their lyrical themes are mostly of a sociopolitical nature, however recent albums ‘Inhale/Exhale’ and ‘Seething Is Believing’ feature more personal lyrics and subject matter.

Scandinavian Music Group just released their latest single, “Ei Paniikkia” from the upcoming album due for release in February 2014. The band will play a full Finnish tour followed by countless festivals this summer. Valtteri Festival is one of the many!