Ajattara, the black metal pride of Finland. Originally a solo project of the vocalist Ruoja Suruntuoja, started in 1996 and ended in 2012, the band making a comeback in 2016 when hitting the stage in Nummirock.

The lyrical themes of Ajattara vary between those of death, darkness and melancholy and the line-up of the band has changed drastically over the years, the current one built from Ruoja (vocals, guitar), Malakias V (drums), Tohtori Kuolio (bass, backup vocals), Kalmos (guitar, backup vocals), Raajat (keyboards) and Tartunta (guitar, backup vocals).

The band has released 9 studio albums, the latest one being ‘Lupaus’ in 2017, which received rave reviews.

Ajattara is back, darker and bigger than ever!


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