Backline & Rental

Along with being a booking agency & promoter, Nem Agency also rents backline, PA equipment and other services. See below and feel free to get in touch for an offer!


For up to around 250-300 people for acoustic music / small band
For up to around 500 people for speech, announcements and dj music

DB Technologies ES-1203 system with:
4x ES-1203 tops
2x 2×12″ subwoofer
2x DB Technologies D10″ wedge monitor
1x Allen & Heath ZEN10 mixing console
1x Behringer X-Air XR18 mixing console with iPad

Dj Equipment:
1x Numark M4 mixer
2x Numark NDX-200 cd-players



Yamaha Stage Custom (Colour: Black)

22″ Kick Drum (2x)
10″ Rack Tom
12″ Rack Tom
16″ Floor Tom
18″ Floor Tom

1x Yamaha Stage Custom Snare 14″ x 5,5″

+ all Yamaha hardware, stands, pedals etc.

Tama Rockstar DX (Colour: Navy Grey)

22” Kick Drum
12” Rack Tom
13” Rack Tom
16” Floor Tom

1x Pearl Export Aluminium Snare 14” x 5,5″

+ stands, hardware, pedals etc.


Zildjian A-custom set
1 splash 8″
1 splash 10”
1 splash 12″
1 crash 16″
1 crash 17”
1 crash 18”
1 crash 19″
1 china 18″
1 ride cymbal 21”
1 pair of hi-hats 14”

Zildjian K-Custom set
1 ride cymbal 20″


Ampeg SVT-CL Classic head
Ampeg 810E 8×10” cabinet
Fender BXR-200 15″ bass combo


1x Marshall JCM 2000 DSL amp
1x Marshall JCM 900 100w Amp
1x Marshall Modern-Vintage 2266 Amp
2x Marshall 1960A guitar cabinet
1x Marshall V412 4×12” guitar cabinet
1x Peavey 6505 Amp
1x Peavey 6505 4×12″ guitar cabinet
1x Fender Twin Reverb ’65 re-issue 2×12″
1x Fender “The Twin” Red Knob 2×12”
1x VOX AC30 C2 2×12″


1x Yamaha S80 88-key stage piano (w/ sustain pedal)
1x M-Audio Oxygen 61 (w/ sustain pedal)
1x iRig -36 USB keyboard

In-Ear Monitor System:

6x Sennheiser G3 EW500 stereo in-ear monitor system
2x Antenna combiners
2x Antenna cables


3x X-stand
1x Electric Guitar

Two-way Radio:

14x Baufeng UV-6 two-way radio
14x Speaker/Mic
5x In-ear piece/mic

Cloakroom / Narikka:

6x “X” cloakroom / narikka stands with 80 hooks each
Total = 480 hooks
Rent: 55,00€ + VAT incl. cloakroom tags per stand

Tents & Tables:

1x 3x3m pop-up tent (Black)
1x 3x6m pop-up tent (Light Blue)
1x 4x6m pop-up tent (Dark Blue)
1x 4x6m pop-up tent (Black)
3x 180cmx74cmx74cm folding tables
4x 180cmx27cmx43cm folding benches

Power rentals:

1x 16A CEE 3-phase power split
1x 16A CEE 3-phase 25m cable
1x 16A CEE 3-phas 10m cable
20x 10m power cables
20x short 3-spot extention cord
5x 30m roll up extention cord

8x 3000kg cargo-strap with clutch (kuormaliina + räikkä)
8x 300kg cargo-strap with clutch (kuormaliina + räikkä)
4x 6kg Fire Extinguisher
1x 2kg Fire Extinguisher
2x 1000 l water tank (for weight)


If you need transportation for rental equipment, please get in touch.

Backliner Services:

We are also able to supply you with backline services when renting our equipment. Everything from just setting up to being a backliner for your band, tuning, setting up etc.

Stage Manager Services:

Nem Agency supplied stage managers to over 15 different Finnish festivals in 2015. We have professional, well trained stage managers who can deliver in big, stressful festival situations. We can also supply stagehands to meet your needs. Ask for an offer!

Contact for rentals:

Rowan Rafferty / 050 585 7300 /

Joni Harju / 044 262 3192 /