Callisto colours their sound with mellotrons, prog rock overtones, some jazzy bits and other stylish influences drawn from the seventies and those who have adored Callisto's majestic compositions. The band's sound is deeply rooted in the somewhat somber atmopshere so characteristic of the northern ladnscape they inhabit. Callisto seeks beauty in melancholy and lyrically Callisto is cryptics, walking a similar path as bands such as Trouble or Woven Hand.

Jani Ala-Hukkala - vocals
Ariel Björklund - drums
Tero Holopainen - guitar
Markus Myllykangas - guitar, background vocals
Juho Niemelä - bass
Jani Rättyä - throat singing, percussion
Janne Storm - keyboards, synthesizers, additional instruments
Miika Luoma - additional live drums

Rowan Rafferty
Managing Director / Agent / Promoter
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