Cryptic Hatred

Cryptic Hatred is one of the most up and coming bands in the Finnish death metal scene. This young band was formed in 2019 by four friends bound together by their mutual passion for music and death metal. After their first releases in 2020 the band started to grow quickly - getting recognition and positive feedback while selling over a 1000 physical copies of their debut album ‘Nocturnal Sickness’ and streaming over 100 000, with high praise coming from metal press (such as the esteemed US metal magazine Decibel).

Throughout 2022 and 2023 Cryptic Hatred toured extensively in Finland, fueling the growth of their rabid national fanbase, including shows with the likes of Lost Society and Malevolent Creation as well as appearances at festivals like Tuska, Helsinki Death Fest and Saarihelvetti. 2023 was also a songwriting year, as the band went back to writing their follow-up second album, intent of further refining and developing their own death metal sound. The outcome is the new album Internal Torment, which the band calls a “much more musical and personal set of songs; they encompass a wider approach to death metal songwriting by combining varying influences of metal and hardcore. They are songs where melodies and different grooves can interact and thrive in mayhemic symbiosis. With these elements, we feel like the album has more of our own Cryptic Hatred sound and some really cool cryptic atmospheres.”

Rising from the frozen Finnish wastelands, Cryptic Hatred now unleash their third album 'Internal Torment' via Time to Kill Records. The album highlights the band’s surgical and intuitive take on death metal mechanics - yet also channels eerie atmospheres and dimensions through moments of tension and tranquility, coexisting in a fragile balance. Between riffs born of primal rage, to melodies seemingly from other worlds, Internal Torment is an album that delivers on all levels of darkness in uncanny and transcendental ways. Brace yourself for a journey through the unknown, rendered in haunting, mezmerisingly cryptic death metal!

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