Dark Tranquillity (SWE)

A swedish melodic metal band known for being one of the pioneers of the Gothenburg metal scene, Dark Tranquillity was formed in 1989 and has released 11 studio albums to this day, the latest release being “Atoma” in 2016.

The band was formed by the current vocalist Mikael Stanne and the lead guitarist Niklas Sundin, the band first known as Septic Broiler, settling on Dark Tranquillity in 1990. The debut album “Skydancer” saw light in August 1993, during which the vocalist Anders Fridén left the band to join In Flames, the line-up of the band having gone through multiple changes during its’ long career. Dark Tranquillity’s album “Projector” was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award in 1999 and the band is nowadays a well-established name in the metal scenes, havign toured UK, US and Europe heavily, taking part in multiple open-air festivals.


Current line-up:

Mikael Stanne – vocals, rhythm guitar

Niklas Sundin – lead guitar (on hiatus)

Anders Jivarp – drums

Martin Brändström – keyboards, programming

Anders Iwers – bass


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