Kamelot (USA)

Kamelot, a American/European power metal band formed in 1991 by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner, have released twelve studio albums, two live albums, one live DVD and nineteen music videos. The latest studio album The Shadow Theory was released in April 2018 via Napalm Records. The Norwegian vocalist Roy Khan joined the band on their album Siége Perilous in 1998 and after leaving the band in 2011, the position was filled in 2012 by their current lead vocalist Tommy Karevik.

Without a doubt, Kamelot has held their very own, very special position in the world of rock and heavy music with their elaborative melodic metal, integrated progressive elements and their cross-references to doom/gothic metal and classical music. Two of their most successful releases in particular, namely the albums Karma (2001) and The Black Halo (2005), are prime examples of Kamelot’s multi-layered approach, intensity and outstanding musicality.



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