King Satan

KING SATAN is industrial metal / hellelektro band from Tampere, Finland founded in the end of 2015 by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist KING ALEISTER SATAN. The band serves genre-defying and flamboyant style of aggrotech infused metal music which draws influences from over-the-top splatter aesthetics and occult philosophy – which all is delivered through the message of spiritual anarchy, black satire, rave punk and renegade rock’n’roll spirit.

The band already gained international attention in the underground music circles with controversial music videos and genre-bending debut album “King Fucking Satan” (2019) as well as with energetic live shows which took King Satan to several festivals like SaariHelvetti and Nummirock Metal Festivals in their native country and Gothic Fest Sofia in Southern Europe.

The band continued the blasphemous industrial metal crusade with new singles and music videos in 2019 which were like before all directed by band’s mastermind King Aleister Satan, pawing the way for the release of the second full-length album later the same year.

Much alike with the debut album yet now even more so, “I Want You To Worship Satan” (2019) arouse good amount of fuzz and even controversy already before the official release date, while facing the all – the acclaim, critic, confusion and also devoted following all at the same time! This all led into growing demand of live performances from which the band had already became renowned by while touring in Finland and around the mainland Europe as well as supporting such acts as Pain, Turmion Kätilöt, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut and Hocico among the others, while promoting the debut album.

KING SATAN delivers fierce electronics and catchy metal songs where the only law is the one of Chaos, and where excessive synths, bass, electro beats, live drums and heavily distorted guitars are served to be consumed both in the dance floor and also in a posh pit as well! All commanded by the demonic vocals of semi-eponymous frontman and the babalonian female voice of keyboardist KATHERINE “KATE” BOSS!

The band’s second album titled “I Want You To Worship Satan” was released 2019 via INVERSE RECORDS world wide!


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