Mors Subita

Mors Subita is a modern melodic death metal band hailing from Oulu in the North of Finland

Formed in 2000, Mors Subita fast became known for their killer riffs and dynamic attitude and took the scene by storm releasing four demo tapes and two EPs, earning them the attention of record companies and a rapidly growing fan base.

Using this arsenal of melodic chaos, the band has laid waste to some of the biggest stages across Finland and forged a reputation for their heavy hitting and high energy stage show, showcasing their unparalleled skill and proving they are a force to be reckoned with. Mors Subita is continuing to rise as one of the top emerging acts amongst the Finnish melo-death elite.

Aki Juvonen
Agent / Promoter
+358 (0)400 345 399

Upcoming Tours

Aino Areena, Järvenpää
Zrock, Oulu
MeriHelvetti, Helsinki - Tallinn - Helsinki
SaariHelvetti, Tampere