Rabbit Cult

RABBIT CULT is a bunnymetal duo from Finland. Their electronic popmetal entwines the roots of Kalevala’s mythological matriarchy, and the striking tone of the traditional Finnish harp-like instrument kantele; making it into a message only rabbits can deliver.

Conducted by Salla-Marja (vocals, kantele) and multi-instrumentalist Marianne (drums, percussions, guitar, bass, synth, vocals), this group of two writes and produces their music together. They have previously done multiple gigs and releases including 2 EP’s and several singles.

RABBIT CULT is not just a band, it is a whole story. A story, that originates from a time when present-day nations didn’t exist, and explorers wrote Terra Feminarum, ”Women’s land” where Finland came to exist hundreds of years later. With Rabbit Cult, the intriguing tale of this mystic society led by women continues.

Aki Juvonen
Agent / Promoter
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