Rise Of The Northstar (FRA)

Rise Of The Northstar is a French metal band formed in 2008. The band combined metal into hip-hop, hardcore punk and japanese pop culture influences to form a unique sound.

The 5 band members have witnessed the golden age that has seen the global expansion of American hip-hop, groove metal, New York hardcore and of the catchy but uncompromising vibes of nu metal and have combines these into their music.

ROTN is a merger of different worlds: The messages of hope, bravery and revenge spready by classic 80's/90's manga characters such as Kenshiro, Seiya or Kawato, are brought to the listener's face through deadly thrash riffing and a destructive flow of words.

Aki Juvonen
Agent / Promoter
+358 (0)400 345 399

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