Vorna are a melancholic metal band from Tampere, Finland founded back in 2008.

The six-piece band started first as a melodic black/folk metal but later absorbed various influences
from symphonic, atmospheric and melodic metal – now delivering a dark and majestic performance sung in the beautiful Finnish language.

After publishing a few unofficial demos, Vorna finally released their debut full-length album
“Ajastaika” in 2013 which received lots of positive feedback and reactions both from the Finnish
and international media. In 2014, the band started active touring and played several shows in
Finland making their first impressions in live environment.

One year later, the biggest Finnish metal media outlet Kaaoszine ranked Vorna as one of most
promising, upcoming rock/metal bands from Finland. The year of 2015 would also stand for their
busiest year so far as their signature beer “Taival” was launched in the Finnish markets in
autumn, followed by a European tour through Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden
culminating to the release of their highly acclaimed second full-length album “Ei valo minua
seuraa” in December.

“Ei valo minua seuraa” received astonishing reviews, praises and honorary mentions both
among the fans and media. This album made absolutely clear that Vorna had now become a
well-known act in the underground metal scene and it opened many doors for the future: in
January 2016 Vorna were signed to Nem Agency, one of the biggest independent booking
agencies and live promoters in Finland, and half a year later played their first festival
appearance at SaariHelvetti together with such acts as Shining (SWE), Turmion Kätilöt and
many more.

In autumn 2016 Vorna recorded two to-be-self-released singles: “Aalloista” which was released
in September and was followed by a Finnish tour with Whispered, and “Tie varjoista” in January
2017 which was then followed by another Finnish tour with Thyrfing and Kalmah aside with
Vorna’s appearance at JKL Metal Festival in Jyväskylä. After playing numerous club shows in
spring 2017, Vorna were invited to one of the biggest Finnish summer metal festivals,
Nummirock, accompanying such acts as Rhapsody, DevilDriver, Raised Fist, Wintersun,
Insomnium and many more. Only a few months later Vorna left for a touring break in order to
focus on their upcoming third full-length album.

In 2019 Vorna came back with full force. With over 10 years of experience under their belt and
with the original line-up, the six-piece brought their anticipated and carefully crafted third
full-length album “Sateet palata saavat” which was released on September 27th 2019 through
their new label Lifeforce Records. “Sateet palata saavat” is the most refined and most ambitious
Vorna release to date which redefines the Finnish melancholic metal music for years to come.

Vorna’s third album “Sateet palata saavat” received praising reviews and “Album of the Year”
-nominations from all over the world and the album also debuted on the Finnish album charts
TOP50 on position #35 (on position #6 in physical sales).


Rowan Rafferty
Managing Director / Agent / Promoter

tel: +358 (0)50 585 7300
e-mail: rowan(at)nem.fi