Finlayson summer concerts return in 2024 and offer something for everyone!


We are thrilled to announce the summer lineup for the legendary Finlayson area in Tampere!

There will be shows every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting in the end of June all the way up to mid-August! See below for the lineup. All concerts are free of charge.

Tuesday showtimes are always at 14:00, Wednesday and Thursday showtimes at 19:00.

Tue 25.6.2024 Klovni Dodo & Loiskis Trio
Tue 2.7.2024 Kengurumeininki Duo
Wed 3.7.2024 Lulua
Thu 4.7.2024 Improvisaatioteatteri Snorkkeli
Tue 9.7.2024 Palomestari Ruisku
Wed 10.7.2024 Samae Koskinen
Thu 11.7.2024 Janne Tulkki
Tue 16.7.2024 Henna & Supersankarit
Wed 17.7.2024 M
Thu 18.7.2024 Mona Ratalahti
Tue 23.7.2024 Orffit
Wed 24.7.2024 Raappana
Thu 25.7.2024 Akropatit
Tue 30.7.2024 Moottörin Jyrinä
Wed 31.7.2024 Sani
Tue 6.8.2024 Mimmit
Wed 7.8.2024 Elias Gould
Thu 8.8.2024 Tapahtumien yö (at 17:00 – 20:00)