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SaariHelvetti 2023 has released the festival's first artists

SaariHelvetti will sail to Viikinsaari Island over the weekend of 4. - 5.8.2023!
The 9th edition of SaariHelvetti metal festival will sail to Viikinsaari Island over the weekend of 4. - 5.8.2023. The first seven artists have just been announced!
SaariHelvetti 2023 will welcome the Portuguese gothic metal pioneer Moonspell, the Polish death metal beast Decapitated and Greek black metal pride Rotting Christ who are returning to Viikinsaari after a 5 year anticipated wait. The domestic line-up includes Kaunis Kuolematon, Rotten Sound, Stoned Statues and Vorna.
Presale starts on Monday 12.12.2022 9:00am through
Ticket types:
- Two-day tickets starting 99,50€
- Early-Bird tickets starting 94,50€ (tickets on sale until Friday 16.12. or as long as tickets are available)
- 2 Day VIP-of Hell starting 188,50€ (including a welcome drink, buffet on the island, VIP-area and VIP-pass)
SaariHelvetti 4. – 5.8.2023
Tampere, Viikinsaari

Moonspell (PRT)
Decapitated (POL)
Rotting Christ (GRC)
Kaunis Kuolematon
Rotten Sound
Stoned Statues
Many more releases to come in 2023!